I’m a father of four, husband, Christian and online entrepreneur — lifetime member of 4%

I teach how to be successful online … and become the best you can be in all areas of life!


Gain a new perspective

Success is a journey not a destination.

The moment is the revelation of 10,000 hours of journey put into a moment of truth and experience, knowing the source – the infinite creator, applying the knowledge into wisdom that passes all understanding.

Applying that wisdom is the greatest achievement to mankind. To be great in the kingdom of god is to be a servant and to serve and love people, showing compassion and mercy; the greatest example being Christ Jesus, who suffered and died a shameful death so that we may live and live more abundantly.

The infinite source of abundance in the vast universe of finite space and time that the almighty all knowing, all seeing and all present, eternal God without beginning and without an end has made; to him be glory and honor and majesty and dominion and power – thru Jesus the savior and redeemer, to whom and trough whom and by whom are all things that exist.

The only living, true God, that gives us the very breath of life and has created us prefect in his own image, who have us this faculty of spirit and mind, by faith to come to the realization of this very truth.

That’s the worthy goal and quest I want to attain and wish for you!

'SmartChoice' is a community-based Smart Contract Crowdfunding Application that has been deployed directly onto the blockchain. SmartChoice currently uses TRON (TRX) as its currency of choice.

The Mission

The Four Percent was founded and built on one core belief and guiding principle: to inspire others to raise above the “typical”, the “average” and become great.
To help ordinary become extraordinary, turn average into outstanding and struggling into thriving.

Every one of us get to wake-up each day with a sense of purpose and excitement because we don’t just market and sell products and help our members earn great incomes (we do that well. In fact, we do that better than anybody else in the industry) - but we get to make a real difference in peoples lives.

It is very important that every member of 4% shares and resonates with this vision.
In the industry where there seems to be a lot of theory and complexity, we focus on RESULTS and SIMPLICITY


Knowing Life's Purpose - Happy Fulfillment

Create The GOOD Life You Want!

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