Social Networking Sites: SECRET List Building Strategy!

Social Networking Sites: SECRET List Building Strategy!

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Social Networking Sites: SECRET List Building Strategy!

Social networking sites are a valuable source to targeted marketing.

If you are in a home business, and promoting home business products, services, software etc you need to tap into social networking sites.

What you do is this:

1. Do a Google search for “Home Business Social networking sites” or related search terms to find them.

Here are some we suggest you join (free). (this is Worldprofit’s own – you get one completely Free by Newsletter Sign Up)

Paul’s Link Manager – My Best list free posting. (When you up for each, you can have your browser remember your username and password, or you can just create a list in a spreadsheet or notepad and keep track. You can create a list of your own like this and pass it on to your referrals)

Don’t stop there though, Google and search for more, there are tons related to the home business niche.

2. Once joined, review their posting polices on what is and is not accepted so you don’t waste your time.

Then create your Profile including your hot links and contact info,

Then start posting your ClickBank product copy, your Reseller Product Copy, Your Landing pages etc to the blogs, discussions. When you comment on a blog or discussions add links to your sites (creating backlinks – VERY important)

3. Look at the Groups offered in the sites. Join groups relevant to your interests and people you want to target.

Post to these groups your promotion copy (from your Member area) and make sure your links are hyper linked (active links when clicked on).  If the Group gives you the option to post a message to the group by email – do this!

The larger the group the larger the email list!  Some groups may have only 20 members while others may have 2,000. Don’t shun a small list, those are still people in your target market.  Return to the sites and do this 3 – 5 times a week on the various sites.  In online marketing MORE IS BETTER but don’t abuse the group/site or their policies or you will be banned.

Take advantage of knowing this FACT!  People HOP from program to program to program, offer them good products and reputable opportunities and you will get sales. 



4. If the site gives you the option to start your own Group(s)  do so – make it something catchy, interesting so people will want to join in. Possible Group Topics are “Hot Biz Ops” or “Marketing Tips” or “Best Places to Advertise” or “Biz Ideas for Stay at Home Moms” etc.  Since you started the Group you can post as often as you like and hopefully when others join, your group (and your list) will grow.

5. Make friends. Send nice notes to people not ram it down their throat pitch messages, but a nice friendly hello!  Include your links on your message of course, invite dialogue and friendship or a business relationship. Remember NICE begets NICE. Be a jerk get a jerk.   The more friends you have the bigger list of contacts and potential buyers you have.

Final rule of Marketing. Do it EVERYDAY! No marketing is the kiss of death. No marketing – NO Sales! 


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