SmartChoice Demystified

SmartChoice Demystified


‘SmartChoice’ Makes It Easy to Bring in the
Funds You Need – Now & In the Future

Team Working Together

‘SmartChoice’ is a community based personal fundraising system that uses TRON as its currency of choice. The crypto and crowdfunding markets have matured into this new and unique way to raise funds for your projects and lifestyle.

It features a one-of-a-kind, perpetual referral program that is based on sound and higher level mathematics which allows you to do the work once and realize donations for years to come.

By joining ‘SmartChoice’ you’re contributing to someones fundraising project as others will do for you, perpetually (forever).

It’s the ‘Give to Receive’ (give once, receive many times)model which will bring you so much success.

‘SmartChoice’ makes it easy and you can start raising funds in just 5 minutes

SmartChoice Demystified

Learn how the SmartChoice Perpetual Leverage Funding Program works!

  1. SmartChoice Demystifed – Video 1 – Introduction


  2. SmartChoice Demystifed – Video 2 – Smart 1


  3. SmartChoice Demystifed – Video 3 – Smart 2


  4. SmartChoice Demystifed – Video 4 – Smart 3


  5. SmartChoice Demystifed – Video 5 – Putting It All Together Final

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