Experience the joy of theta — Theta Joy from iAwake

Experience the joy of theta — Theta Joy from iAwake

Experience the joy of theta — Theta Joy from iAwake

It is always an exciting time when iAwake releases a new product. This time they have supplied us with Theta Joy — two lovely theta brainwave entraining tracks, titled Joy and What is Time?

These two tracks take us into deep trance states that function as doorways to experiences of greater spiritual connection, creativity, and mood enhancement and can help us in the resolution of complex issues we are grappling with.

Here is what Nadja Lind, DJ, Deep Dub composer, and creator of Theta Joy, says about theta and her inspiration for creating these tracks:

“Theta brain waves are associated with deep relaxation, hypnosis, and the REM (Rapid Eye Movement) dream state, the state right between wakefulness and deep sleep, also called trance, when your subconscious is wide open to receive stimulus directly, bypassing the analytical mind. Theta can induce flow states of profound creativity, insight, and great inspiration through tapping into the unified field and universal connection, and is the best state to create your reality through vivid visualizations and affirmations.”

“I created Joy to have a light and warm experience, leading me into the susceptible state of theta. With What is Time? I aimed to create a soundtrack that leads you into your very own personal experience of time, while leaving space for whatever emerges within you.”

Learn More and Listen to the Sample (use stereo headphones or earbuds for best experience 🙂

You can use Joy and What is Time? to:

  • ease your brain and nervous system
  • increase creativity
  • tap into your inner joy
  • connect with your inner self
  • deepen your breathing
  • stabilize your immune system
  • deepen & enhance your yoga/meditation practice
  • visualize potentials
  • tune out from stress
  • let go of compulsive thought patterns
  • relax body and mind

And here is what people are saying about Theta Joy

“I experienced a sense of lasting peaceful joy during and after listening to these tracks.” – Paul Ennemoser

“I’m very glad to have What is Time? in my toolbelt for day-to-day survival/thriving.” – Paul

“When out of balance it brings me peace, joy, and living with heart connection.” – Janita Zoer

“These are fabulous! Among the best of iAwake.” – Lauretta Goforth

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iAwake has produced such a wonderful array of beautiful transformational tools over the last decade, and they seem to just be getting better and better. This should cause us all joy – Theta Joy.

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