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I'm a father of four, a husband, Christian, and online entrepreneur -- lifetime promotional member of 4%- FourPercent

I teach how to be successful online ... and become the best you can be in all areas of life!

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My Discovery Story:
I was born and raised in former Yugoslavia in small Slovak town - Padina in a family of 7 boys and 4 girls.


While in school I wanted to go to a military school and become a pilot like my Grandpa in 2nd world war or a marine like one of my cousins. After trying and failing entry in grade 7 and 8, due to being too skinny and too short, I gave up on the idea.


My older brother (a technologist and working) had a portable radio/cassette recorder and when he visited once he left it at home. I became fascinated with it and the Radio Amateur handbook that he left. I wanted to know Electronics.

I found a friend John, in town that finished studying electronics and we became very good friends.

Every chance I got I would go with him on his moped as he went around fixing people's TV's.


This was in 1975. My oldest sister got proposed to get married to a man in Canada. Once married, in 1977, they started to work on papers to bring rest of us to Canada. It was two years and nothing was finalized and I now finished grade 10 (grade 12 equivalent in North America) and was getting ready to go on a bus to city to register for Electronics Technician school, when my mom said 'where you are going, we got papers to go to Canada'. I was 17.


So on Sep.19, 1979 we landed in Detroit MI, USA - the airport just across the river from Windsor, ON, Canada. Got out of the customs and to town called Harrow at 5am in the morning. My brother-in-law was a roofer a he got us employed, the ones of us old enough. So haven't slept 24 hrs., we went on the roof to tear off old shingles. I was so tired I almost fell off as I dozed off. So my work career started. We later worked on a farm for a local apple farmer during the season.


In winter I found a Slovak that had a Radio/TV repair shop in Windsor and got employed as a technician apprentice. Before going to Toronto to school George Brown College in 1984 I was laid off and went and finished the 1st semester and later over a period of 10 years I finished the courses at St. Clair in Windsor and got my mark transcripts from George Brown College.


In the meanwhile I started as electrician apprentice and when laid off started as panel builder and junior draftsmen/ controls designer.


Got married at age 24 to a wonderful Slovak girl born here in Canada. Working allot of hours to keep the family going, as we got 4 children. Usually no time or too tired for anything else, I always had a side job in electronics repairs, or AutoCAD drafting or building PC's for friends and family. I always wanted to have my own business.


I got involved in network marketing with a health products company Alive International and ended up doing pretty good and then the company got bought-out and my network of 300 dispersed. Over next ten years or so I would dabble with this or that not being able to commit to anything fully as I had a family to provide for, house & car bills and would work long hours at work.


A couple of times I lost my job due to shortage of work for six months and had no way to pay bills. I received no unemployment since I declared I had my own business on the side. That was not appreciated since I've paid unemployment benefits for years, so I got welfare until next job, struggling to keep head above water.


Then I got a job again and things were caught up but overspent, living paycheck to paycheck, no savings until 2009-2010. By now I was in debt, buying everything on good credit, when it happened again. The economy fell, I couldn't find any work for 16 months. By now I was $100K in debt, lost my cars and home. The only things I could find was billing sales support at a call centre for a phone company. Then after I started to train and became an agent for Primerica to sell financial products and life insurance.


I struggled to keep food on the table and kids were forced to go live on their own. We were getting handouts from our church and my wife was working as house keeper in an old age home. When a friend referred me to a financial advisor who did a proposal to all my debtors to clear my credit and pay off debts (I lost my own financial planner license as a result of poor credit). Then I found some work in my field of controls/PLC programming, for a Slovak boss in town.


It took 7 years and renting and driving beat-up cars and hard work when I finally broke debt-free and my wife's body broke from physical hard work, and once again she stayed home as a home maker.


I kept searching online and trying this or that until I came across a guy on YouTube by name of Vick who was teaching how to make it online and become financially free and I wouldn't have to look at a price tag before I wanted to buy something. I kept following him for what seemed like months, trying outdated things that didn't work anymore, until I caught-up to him in FourPercent. After a year seeing some results and investing in myself came The `{`Success`}` Challenge.


The Challenge is a comprehensive guide and entrepreneur training like no other, multi-income-stream eco-system where Vick teaches and shows us step by step to develop us into what we imagine and aspire. Building a list, marketing strategies and mindset to dominate and succeed.


Setting your goal, training your mind to build an entrepreneur empire online.

I'm grateful and happy now that the hard work is paying off, the goal, the creative vision – a commitment to a better future, helping and teaching you to succeed worldwide.



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P.S. Everyone struggles until success, without giving up.

``When you concentrate your energy purposely on the future possibility that you aspire to realize, your energy is passed on to it and makes it attracted to you with a force stronger than the one you directed towards it.``

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