Lazy Blogger is a system that uses Jetpack in WordPress to publish to your blogs and syndicate to your social networks

Lazy Blogger is a system that uses Jetpack in WordPress to publish to your blogs and syndicate to your social networks

Lazy Blogger is a system that uses Jetpack in WordPress to publish to your blogs and syndicate to your social networks


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This lesson introduces you to the LAZY BLOGGER System. This is not the same as your BlogIT system as this is for external blog programs like WordPress, Google Blogger and Tumblr.

We all know that blogging is both popular and an integral part of any online marketers strategy for building traffic and sales.

The value of blogging for the average person with modest traffic is this:

1. Adding blog content on your site on a regular basis keeps your site ALIVE and active.  This attract search engines like Google and BING, who will then start visiting your site more frequently to index the new content you are adding.

2. By adding content related to a specific topic or niche, you are establishing your site as more of an authority type site that offers specific, key word, topic related to content, which also gives you an advantage when search engines index your site.

The value of blogging to make money online is this:

As you know Worldprofit provides you with a number of products and services you can promote on your blog.  We teach you how to make money from MULTIPLE STREAMS OF INCOME.  Specifically, you have in your Member area, all the products in the Money Makers Kit, as well as the ClickBank Promo Kit, and of course the FastCash Products.  If you are a Platinum VIP Member you also can sell all 215+ PLR Products.   If you are also promoting your own products, services, or affiliate programs you can easily blog these on your site now too.   What you can do with this Lazy Blogging System is unlimited and open to your imagination. You can write product reviews and include your order link, you can tie articles on specific topics into lead ins for sales of related products.

In this way, your Lazy Blogger System becomes a powerful strategy for attracting search engines, key word traffic, and the sales of related products and services.  Your content compliments your products offered for sale so you can attract a specific targeted audience.

Recognizing the value of adding content (and products for sale) to your site on a regular basis we have integrated into our Silver and Platinum VIP sites a quick and easy way for you to add content.

Remember, you can use your own content or you can use and blog the articles we also include in your Membership.  At Worldprofit you are never at a loss for content you can use in your blog. See details below.

The Lazy Blogger SPEEDS up your blogging with ONE click! Watch the video mentioned below to really appreciate how big of a time saver this is and why blogging is so good for your key words, search engine indexing and lead generation.

The Lazy Blogger System is INCLUDED in your Silver or Platinum VIP Membership, there is NO extra cost to use and benefit from this service.

How to access your Lazy Blogger System:

1. In your Member area under the left menu, select CONTENT MANAGEMENT. There you will see a link for LAZY BLOGGER SYSTEM, click on that.
2. Once you are in that section of your Member area, watch the BRIEF video to know and understand how the system works.
3. There you will also find details on how to access the articles, ClickBank Promo Kit products, the Monday maker Promo Kit products, and more.

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