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Published by: Paul Bilek 15-Feb-18
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I have the license to prescribe the success pill (TM)!

Published by: Paul Bilek 04-Jan-18
I have the licence to prescribe the Success Pill Challenge (TM)
I dare to challenge you!

—- Stay Tuned, It’s worth the Wait —

I dare you to take the Challenge! Challenge 3.0
The challenge path 3.0! The Challenge to Abundance!

Hi, my name is Paul Bilek. I want to challenge you to get abundance of health, wealth and happiness.

Welcome to the challenge to prosperity!

Who is the Challenge for?

The Challenge has 3 levels:

Level 1: $0 – $10,000 / month
Level 2: $10,000 – $100,000 / month
Level 3: $100,000 – $Million +

No matter where you are in life of abundance, you can enter the Challenge 3.0 Path!

I dare you to take the challenge!

Click the Big Button below to start Your Path To Prosperity!




I have the licence to prescribe the four percent success pill!

The Challenge!

What is the most important value in your life?

Meet the Challenge!

The Success Pill!

The Success Pill Challenge is a system will guarantee you to accomplish that which is most important in your life.

Contribution/Impact on others?
Being the best?

A system that will help you to decide what your priorities are.

A system that will guide you to your desired goal, destiny, achievement, fulfillment, happiness and abundance.



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One Month To Your Own Online Business

Published by: Paul Bilek 11-Dec-17
One Month To Your Own Online Business

Tired of Slaving Away From 9-5?
Laid off? Need Extra Cash? Medical Bills?
Is the Recession Raining On Your Parade?
Why not start your own website?

Start Your Very own

Online Internet Marketing Business

In Less Than One Month!

These strategies for setting up an internet marketing business quickly will have you up and running your own virtual money making machine faster than any bank could ever foreclose on your house.

In fact, you might find it embarrassing that you have so much extra cash while your friends and colleagues still struggle to make ends meet!

From: Paul Bilek

Dear Budding Netpreneur,

Just what exactly is a netpreneur? That is a hybrid of two words.–

Net, which is short for the internet


Entrepreneur, which is the term used for a resourceful business person.

If you are thinking of opening an online business, then that is exactly what you will be doing. You will be using your intelligence, innovation and personal skills to make money on the internet.

What if I told you that you can quit your job and that you could work in your housecoat from anywhere in the world?

What if I told you that you could have a lucrative online business thriving within thirty days from now, allowing you to pay off your credit card debt, quit your job or buy your kid a college education?

Are you –

  • Sick of working nine to five?
  • Laid off?
  • Bored with your current career path?
  • Tired of commuting to work?
  • A swamped student who needs more time to study?
  • A desperate single mother?
  • Saddled with a large debt?
  • Daunted by large medical bills?
  • Disabled?
  • In need money for your own or your kid’s education?
  • Trying to recover from stock market crashes?
  • Wanting to spend more time with loved ones?
  • Sick of being tricked by money making scams?

Want to start living the life that you always dreamed of – STARTING RIGHT NOW?

Then you just clicked on the right web page.

I have sifted through all the information that is out there on the web about starting your own internet marketing business, and have distilled it all down to one, perfectly clear critical path that you can follow – so that you can be up and running with your own internet business in less than one month.

Consider the convenience of doing this, rather than opening some kind of business like a store! It could take you several months of planning to accomplish that!

Being a entrepreneur is much easier. You can be up and running and making money in just a few days.

I didn’t just stumble across this information.

Consider my story.

My career was thriving in the nineties. I had built up a nice monthly salary and was financially secure for many years.

Like many people, I never saw this most recent crisis coming …I never thought that one day I would go from being gainfully employed at a respectable computer company to being an unemployed person with dwindling savings – thanks to the terrible things going on in the economy.

One day, my secure little universe fell apart! I was laid off and everything was over! Then the economic forecasters got on television and started talking about the bad news. Then the bad news became a reality as the recession hit my personal savings and I lost thousands of dollars.

Before long I found myself high and dry with no choices, bills piling up, and a hungry family to support.

Several months passed and then I got that letter – the letter from the bank. If you do not pay your mortgage, we are going to foreclose on your house.

I found myself looking for a job, but I wasn’t having much luck. The jobs that I was qualified for were just not as common as they were over a decade ago.

Not that I was not working at all!

I found myself working at a retail job that was way beneath by qualifications, and before I knew it I was working two terrible jobs – and still not making enough to take care of the basics.

I needed to do something fast, and I needed whatever I was going to do to bring me enough money to save my house – within thirty days!

That is when I decided to start my own internet business to try and save the day.

Let’s face it – when the chips are down, you don’t have time to waste. I spent every single second of my time researching the most expedient ways to create an online business and have it up and running and lucrative within 1 month.

That is exactly how my eBook One Month to Your Own Online Business came to be – it was the brainchild of desperation and necessity.

In fact, this is exactly why I consider it to be a great book. The concepts in it are the product of great duress.

I simply could not afford to put anything into action that possibly could fail, because to do so would mean I would fail myself, I would fail my family and I would lose my house!

In my ebook you will learn –

  • How to understand the different types of internet business and quickly decide which one is for you.
  • How to immediately begin an internet marketing business that is recession proof and thrives.
  • How to start a business immediately without having to put any money down for advertizing.
  • How to find a product or service that people want or need, so that your business transcends dire economic predictions about bankruptcy
  • How to build a website to promote your business, without spending way too much money

You will also benefit from following the user friendly step by step guidelines in this book that are based on one simple business model.

If you follow this business model that was developed by me you will start earning money very quickly!

The business model that I have invented is self-sustaining, and improves with effort. The more marketing effort you invest in this one business model the better off you will be.

Even better, the business model that I have invented for you is absolutely fool proof. You can build a business empire using it that can viably and realistically ring in thousands of dollars a month using very little start up capital.

However, I don’t recommend running your website forever on next to no capital! It is going to need to expand and grow. I made sure that the business model that I chose to develop was scalable.

Yet another quality of my website model is that it is completely self-sufficient. You do not have to monitor and babysit it day and night. It runs itself on autopilot.

Are you ready to get practical? Are you ready to take your financial and career problems in hand and do something about it?

You Won’t Find a Better Business Model
About How to Build a Successful Internet Marketing Business

The Information in the eBook is simple, contemporary and focuses you like a laser beam solely on those techniques that will work to make you money.

In One Month To Your Own Online Business I teach you:

  • How to set up a business that supplies information to people.
  • How to get people to pay for information.
  • How to identify a genuine consumer need (such as relief for chronic back pain) and completely exploit it.
  • How to market things by presenting a problem and then providing a solution.
  • How to avoid creating a product that there is absolutely no demand for by doing some preliminary market research thoroughly and properly!
  • How to use the number 1 question and answer website on the net to do your market research, and then use this information to create information products.
  • How to use another great site to determine people’s questions and goals in life and what they really want.
  • How to use Myspace and similar social networking sites to determine the kind of information that people are interested in…
  • How to decipher the Yahoo! Directory and mine it an inch wide and a mile deep to find the information you need.
  • How to create a profitable market niche by determining whether there is money to be made by using Google Adsense.
  • Where to find the number one free keyword research tool on the web.
  • How to use Clickbank to source a suitable product to sell so that you are not selling an item that is already being sold to death by someone else.
  • How to make money writing lenses and publishing them on a mini-site for Squidoo.
  • How to submit articles effectively to top article directors such as Ezine articles.
  • How to send targeted visitors to your web pages using paid advertising.
  • How to send targeted visitors to your web pages without putting a cent down.
  • How to use forums (places where like minded visitors meet to discuss common topics of interest) to find a needed niche.
  • Why becoming a member of a forum is the best thing that you can do to find new customers and have them develop faith in what you have to sell.
  • How to use social sites like and to create traffic and links.
  • The name of the program online that can help you submit your site details to 27 of the major social bookmarking sites at once.
  • How to promote your business on the internet by using a video.
  • Where to find a free video animation program that allows you to create your own video within seconds, and also embeds it automatically into the social networking sites like facebook and myspace.
  • How to shoot and edit a video using a videocam using an effective online program.
  • The best program for uploading your video to the leading networking sites including YouTube, Google Video, Yahoo Video and others.
  • How you can write articles that generate a long term flow of traffic to your site.
  • The ideal length and keyword density that is required nowadays for your article to draw the most visitors to your website.
  • A shortlist of the all star directory sites for submitting articles.

Almost every bit of wisdom above is lavishly illustrated with live real time screen shots that have been clipped from my own work, using the website. This way you are never confused by what you see when you click on one of my recommended web tools or websites. You will know exactly what to do step by step because the visuals of how I did it are right there for you to recognize.

Quite simply, this ebook is unlike every other one that is currently being marketed about this topic.

Do you know how most of the books you find about this subject are written?

A self-help guru hires a writer from a workplace auction site like guru or elance, and then hires a professional ghostwriter to crib material from free sources online or from other ebooks. This material is then sold to you, even though it is very stale advice.

I promise you that what is in this book has not only been tested and proven by me, but it is also going to give you that edge, because it is up to date and cuts out all the fluff and frivolous information that is usually included by ghostwriters.

So are you ready to make big profits using your own website now?”

Currently I am offering you One Month to Your Own Online Business for only

Why am I able to give this away so cheaply?

First of all I need to make some money for putting together these secrets for you. Also, it fits into the budget of most people out there who need to set up their own online business the most.

I wanted to make it accessible to the humblest of beginning marketers, and yet at the same time not make any advanced marketer feel cheated in any way for receiving information that may seem redundant to them.

In other words, I wanted this book to be of benefit to both advanced and beginning marketers without breaking their budgets. This was part of my ambition – a way of coming down on all those self-styled internet gurus who have led us all so astray.

Remember that the difference between those who are successful and those who aren’t has to do partly with the amount of action that they take.

Your first action towards taking that first step towards success is to click on the order button below and start taking action towards your goals right now.

Perhaps you have been a marketer who gave up the game years ago when you figured that it was like trying to swim against the tide. Maybe you want to give it a second chance.

If you have tried online business and have been banging your head against the proverbial brick wall trying to make it work, then this book is going to ease your headaches.

Finally, you will find the way out of what seemed an impossible dead end – making money with that website that you have been thinking of setting up, but have found the right way of doing it.

So it is time for you to decide…

Are you ready to make good profits from your own website quickly and easily?

Can you really afford to pass on this opportunity?


Yes! I want to learn those up to the minute marketing strategies that the real gurus have been concealing from me so they can have all of the profits.

theunselfishmarketer.comYes! I want to learn all about online marketing and the tactics for setting up my own website.

Yes! I want to learn all about RSS feeds and how I can burn my feeds to drive targeted traffic to my site.

Yes I want to know where I can submit my press releases for free.

Yes I want to know the very latest techniques for creating and automating videos and posting them on YouTube to create business.

Yes! I am ready and able to learn what it takes to learn how to socially bookmark so that my website constantly brings back more visitors month after month after month.

Yes! I am committed to making a significant change to my financial and business situation by putting these plans into action right away.


It’s time to get in the know like thousands of other satisfied and successful marketers and order my eBook!

There are no shipping costs, as the entire package is an instant download.

Your cost is only $17

Thank you for considering this sales pitch.

It is my sincere hope that you get as enthusiastic as I am about showing those self-styled gurus setting up a website is really done.

This user friendly manual has proven itself again and again. It’s time for you to get in on the action.

After you order you will get instant access to my manual. There is no wait for shipping and you can get the information that you need seconds from now.

Yes! I want to master those up to the minute marketing strategies that the real gurus have been concealing from me so they can have all of the profits.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Try it risk free today! If you purchase today, your purchase is 100% guaranteed.

If after reading the eBook, you still don’t feel like you know enough to create your own online business, just ask and I’ll be glad to give you a full refund.

All purchases may be refunded within 30 days of purchase, meaning if you think your new eBook isn’t as good as I claim, you’ll get every cent you paid back.

Don’t wait any longer.

One Month to Your Own Online Business has already helped hundreds of people, let it help you too.

Buy One Month to Your Own Online Business right now and start developing your online empire.

Yes! I’m ready to learn how to create my Own Online Business!

I understand that by placing my secure order today, I will be getting instant access to this powerful eBook.

I’ll have immediate access to the same techniques that have already been proven effective.

I know that this eBook is 100% legitimate, 100% legal, and 100% what I need to learn right now.

You’ve made it a very easy decision with your 100% iron-clad money back guarantee and I’m ready to start right now, so I’m clicking the secure order button below.

One Month to Your Own Online Business For Only $17!

50 Best Websites for Entrepreneurs + 51 = one you need

50 Best Websites for Entrepreneurs
For entrepreneurs, time is especially precious. Every wasted minute is a lost opportunity for networking, growing the business, and of course making money.

Clipped from : [web51= one you need]

There are many websites out there that can help entrepreneurs grow a bigger, better business–but there are many more time-suck websites. How can you tell the difference? By depending on a cheat sheet for the best websites for entrepreneurs.

Here, a cheat sheet of 50 to get you started:


The name says it all: This website is the result of David Skok’s years of experience at Matrix Partners. With an MBA to complement his background, Skok’s approach to startup techniques and financial modeling is user friendly, though strongly technical, rich in charts and equations.


One of the most reputable of crowdfunding sites, this is where you can raise a maximum of $5 million from investors with a proven background. If crowdfunding is part of your startup strategy, head to the site with a reputation in the field for making it easy.


You’re an entrepreneur, not an SEO guru, so leave the technical aspects of your online presence to the pros. Plus, check out the blog to get the latest updates in laymen’s terms on internet marketing, SEO, mobile readiness, and the like.


The go-to site for social entrepreneurs, you can glean information on how to succeed as a nonprofit and ways to incorporate social into any type of business. There’s an emphasis on ethically made goods, too.


This one’s a no-brainer for many. Some of the most reputable entrepreneurs and leaders in the tech industry come here to dole out information, making it among the best websites to get your questions answered.


Do you dream of finding an angel investor? A product of Venture Hacks, this is the platform for new companies to get equity from reliable investors; it also features templates to minimize attorney fees.


Even though this site is aimed at younger entrepreneurs, it’s brimming with resources no matter what your age. It’s a great tool for anyone new to the world of startups and has proved itself as a catalyst for building strong foundations.


This simple guide is straightforward with no fluff. There’s zero risk of wasting time here, and it reveres versatility, so it appeals to all kinds of entrepreneurs. If you want to get straight ito the heart of things, this is where you start.


Designed for female entrepreneurs, you’ll find plenty of downloadable resources here from a plethora of contracts to business plans. Even though it’s meant for women, there are plenty of resources for both genders.


This site is rich with advice and tips for just about everything an entrepreneur may need to know. From office etiquette to internet marketing, it’s a favorite daily stop for many small business owners-to-be.


The product of premier business schools and mega corporations, this site is meant to encourage women to pursue business leadership roles. It combines the best advice from the best resources around the country.


Ev Williams, co-founder of Twitter, created Medium as a chic platform for blogging. However, there are also fitting reads focused on careers from successful entrepreneurs providing first-person perspectives.


Join an online community of female entrepreneurs who encourage and support each other virtually. There’s zero tolerance for flaming and trolling here, so you get just full support from peers and mentors.


This is the platform for Jason Cohen, who doles out marketing and entrepreneurial advice. More than 40,000 people subscribe and depend on Cohen’s lessons learned to help them shape their business.


Don’t have the budget to hire a full-time attorney? This is where you can get the requisite legal advice necessary via posts that tackle the most asked questions.


Read the inspiring blog of someone who ditched the office life to become an entrepreneur. It’s easy to relate and always a better option to learn from the mistakes of others than to make them all yourself.


The startup site for younger professionals, it’s worth taking a look at the entrepreneurial section. The advice is straightforward, easy to digest, and designed for those ready to branch out on their own.


Technically, this is a news site for technical professionals but it’s a must for anyone who needs to keep up with the industry. Especially fruitful for coders, this is where you stay up to date on tech news that impacts entrepreneurs.


Find out what Dave Hornik or August Capital has to say about venture capital. Whether you’re looking for investors or want to become one, this is where the inside scoop is found.

20. Reddit:startups

You might go to Reddit to distract yourself, but it’s actually an incredibly useful website if you can avoid the time-suck spots. Head over to the startup section to find truly helpful advice from those who have been there.


You don’t need to be a marketer to benefit from one of the best marketing blogs around. Get tidbits of advice that apply to entrepreneurs and startups (and not just in the marketing realm).


Everything you need to know about funding your startup can be found here. Plus, learn about the early days of startups, get notified of changes to your industry, and find out how cataloging rounds work.


Another obvious one, right? However, signing up for Entrepreneur’s notifications or getting the app can help you stay up to date on the latest strategies and news affecting entrepreneurs. It’s a must for founders.


Dave McClure started this blog to share his pearls of wisdom on being an entrepreneur. It’s enjoyable to read, and learning from the founder of 500 Startups is a great way to get wisdom.


The Federal Trade Commission has a section on the Franchise Rule that you need to get comfortable with. Find out all of the legal issues involved with franchise purchasing before you get in too deep.


The Harvard Business Review blogs are a fantastic place to learn from the best. It’s the hub of MBAs from the Ivy League and features regular updates focused on entrepreneurs.


Dubbed the techie Reddit site, Hacker News is where you’ll find all things entrepreneurial with a coding edge. It’s the product of Incubator Y Combinator and provides and insider’s view on the industry.


More and more entrepreneurs are managing their own websites, which means they need to stay on top of metrics. This site helps you go above and beyond Google Analytics, complete with a two-week free trial.


Head on over to the Small Business Hub at and find phenomenal videos, newsletters, and other resources for small business owners. The information is useful, relevant, and designed to be easy to digest.


Don’t let the kitschy name veer you away from this reputable source for small business tips and tricks. It takes a user-friendly approach to dishing out advice, and it’s easy to soak up the truly good information.


The site that was built by entrepreneurs just for entrepreneurs showcases a series of interviews from startup founders who were once in your shoes. Learn from the best, and know you’re in great company.


Forleo is an entrepreneur who’s enjoyed immense success, but it’s her personality and character that make this blog a must-see. She’s optimistic, light, and bubbly, and she knows what she’s talking about. Many readers consider her a huge inspiration.


The Small Business Administration has been an invaluable resource for small business owners for years. There’s a chapter in every major city, but the site itself is chock full of the latest news and information for entrepreneurs, too.


Need to learn the basics of search engine optimization (SEO) in a jiffy? The leader in entrepreneurial traffic, Neil Patel, is at your service. Whether you’re an SEO newbie or a pro, there’s something Patel can teach you.


Whether you prefer your workshops in the real world or virtual, Score is the nation’s leading mentorship platform for entrepreneurs. Find out how to grow your business smart by depending on the best.


Web startups interested in monetizing can get started at this platform. It calls itself “curiously famous” and is renowned for helping entrepreneurs make passive income online. It sounds easy, but it’s an art and skill that you need to learn.


Even though this is a U.K. site, it’s applicable to startups on either side of the pond. Find the tools you need and the articles necessary to get your startup off the ground. It’s especially useful if you have dreams of going multinational.


Back in 2007, this site was the “unofficial” how-to guide for Facebook, but today it runs the gamut when it comes to covering websites. Want to stay up to date on the latest entrepreneurial news and website? This is your secret weapon.


The talks TED features are inspiring and revealing, and though the site isn’t “just” for entrepreneurs, there’s a strong community of founders there for a reason. Many of the featured talks are compliments of successful entrepreneurs.


With more than 18,000 entrepreneurs and CEOs on this site, this is the place to talk about investing and fundraising. Whether you’re a startup or your established business could just use a boost, don’t overlook this resource.


Better known as “The Art of Running a Small Business,” this Times blog is the ultimate tool for entrepreneurs and founders. The advice is current and easy to consume, and if you download the app, you have the latest information right at your fingertips.


Kawasaki’s “How to Change the World” blog is a comprehensive platform from one of the best. Some of the most common themes include human capital, management, and advice just for entrepreneurs.


A business blog designed to suit every industry, this is where you can get the support and encouragement necessary to keep moving forward. Enjoy the latest entrepreneurial news as well as features that highlight how some of the most successful of founders made it to the next level.


Are you a young entrepreneur with dreams of making it big before the big 3-0? If so, then this blog is for you, but you don’t necessarily still need to be a twentysomething to benefit from it. Advice for younger founders can be just as relevant no matter what your age.


The founder of Instapaper, Marco Arment, blogs regularly to help other entrepreneurs avoid the mistakes he made early in his career. Personable and realistic, Arment is your insider source.


A newsletter worth subscribing to? It’s true when it’s StartupDigest, which focuses on information for entrepreneurs without ever getting off course. If distraction is an issue for you, it won’t be with this offering.


The spirit of entrepreneurship is alive and well at this blog, where it’s all about encouraging personal growth. It’s something founders can put on the back burner, but it’s crucial to be a well-rounded CEO.


This is not specifically for entrepreneurs, but the commentary makes it a requisite for any business professional. You need to stay up to date on all news, not just entrepreneurial news, to cultivate partnerships.


The famous magazine has an excellent section for startups. Find out the latest in tips, news, and resources for entrepreneurs from one of the most reputable magazines in the industry.


When you run a business, it’s important to foster relationships with peers, colleagues, and partners, which is why keeping up with business news is crucial. Let Forbes make sure you’re up to speed on the latest topics.

Of course, the most beneficial website is the one that works for you. Get to exploring, but keep an eye out for time wasters.

The opinions expressed here by columnists are their own, not those of

SECRET List Building Strategy! Social networking sites are a valuable source to targeted marketing

SECRET List Building Strategy! Social networking sites are a valuable source to targeted marketing

6 to 7 Figure Blueprint… Social Networking Sites: . If you are in a home business, and promoting home business products, services, software etc you need to tap into social networking sites. What you do is this:
1. Do a Google search for “Home Business Social networking sites” or related search terms to find them. Here are some we suggest you join (free). (this is Worldprofit’s own – you get one completely Free by Newsletter Sign Up) Paul’s Link Manager – My Best list free posting. (When you up for each, you can have your browser remember your username and password, or you can just create a list in a spreadsheet or notepad and keep track.
You can create a list of your own like this and pass it on to your referrals) Don’t stop there though Google and search for more, there are tons related to the home business niche.
2. Once joined, review their posting polices on what is and is not accepted so you don’t waste your time. Then create your Profile including your hot links and contact info,  Then start posting your ClickBank product copy, your Reseller Product Copy, Your Landing pages etc to the blogs, discussions. When you comment on a blog or discussions add links to your sites (creating backlinks – VERY important)
3. Look at the Groups offered in the sites. Join groups relevant to your interests and people you want to target.
Post to these groups your promotion copy (from your Member area) and make sure your links are hyper linked (active links when clicked on).  If the Group gives you the option to post a message to the group by email – do this!
The larger the group the larger the email list!  Some groups may have only 20 members while others may have 2,000.
Don’t shun a small list, those are still people in your target market.  Return to the sites and do this 3 – 5 times a week on the various sites.
In online marketing MORE IS BETTER but don’t abuse the group/site or their policies or you will be banned. Take advantage of knowing this FACT!
People HOP from program to program to program, offer them good products and reputable opportunities and you will get sales.

SEO Optimizer Pro

500,000+ Search Engines, Websites & Directories, Submit to 5,000 Sites Absolutely Free


4. If the site gives you the option to start your own Group(s)  do so – make it something catchy, interesting so people will want to join in. Possible Group Topics are “Hot Biz Ops” or “Marketing Tips” or “Best Places to Advertise” or “Biz Ideas for Stay at Home Moms” etc.
Since you started the Group you can post as often as you like and hopefully when others join, your group (and your list) will grow.
5. Make friends. Send nice notes to people not ram it down their throat pitch messages, but a nice friendly hello!  Include your links on your message of course, invite dialogue and friendship or a business relationship.
Remember NICE begets NICE. Be a jerk get a jerk.   The more friends you have the bigger list of contacts and potential buyers you have.  Final rule of Marketing.
Do it EVERYDAY! No marketing is the kiss of death. No marketing – NO Sales!

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“Finally, Combine the Power of Viral Marketing and List Building to Explode Your Email List Growth Virally…
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If you don’t have an email list, then you are missing out on thousands of dollars in profits each and every week.  Many business owners make a lot of their money off of their lists, and now you can too.  It takes time to build a list if you do it all yourself.

Now I realize that for many of you, time can be an issue.  Maybe you can relate to some of these:


“I’ve been trying to build my list, but I can’t seem to do it!  I’ve spent countless among countless of hours…What next?”


“I wish I could build my list faster, yet retain the quality of the list”

Those are all common questions and whatever situation you fit into, you will be on your way to building a faster list while retaining its quality.

…and Yes, you can let others build your list for you, and still have that relationship built with your prospects if it is done right.

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1. Introduction

In this video series, you will learn what you need to get started, the basics of Viral Marketing, how the process of getting others to build your list happily works, and the basics of your mailing list system.

2. Two types of lists: How to get others to build your list for you, how it all works.

Since there are two main types of lists, the methods of list growth can vary from list type to list type.  Understanding how these two types work will allow you to effectively get other people to build your list for you.  At the same time, knowing which type of list you want to build, will help point you towards a specific path.

3. Methods that will help you boost your list growth

After you watch video 2, it will help you better understand this video, where you will learn how to boost your list growth for that particular list type.  You will also learn real life and time tested strategies to explode your list growth for that type of list.

4. What should you give away?

As you know, in order to create a list, you need to give something away.  In this video, you will be given many many ideas as to what your list builders can giveaway.

5. How to create your viral product and how you should create it

From video 4, you may have gotten a few ideas about what you should giveaway.  In this video, you will learn how to create your viral product that will ultimately bring in leads for you for years to come.  Creating products isn’t a hard thing to do.  As long as you know how to do it right, you can create it within a few days or less.

6. Marketing it and finding people to build your list.

By now, you will have a viral product in hand for your list builders to giveaway.  In this video, you will learn how to find people who will happily build your list for you.  Now the question is who would actually want to do that?  You’ll be surprised to learn that hundreds and thousands of people will, but you have to target these people to jump start your list growth.

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Review George Kosh of Worldprofit as a new Silver member — how you signup Free associates

From the desk of Paul Bilek,

Just wanted to post a video here demonstrating the Silver member benefits – how to sign up Free associate.


People are paying over $6000 for Training that Worldprofit gives our Members FREE!

Today I saw an advertisement for a University offering an 8 week course to become a Internet Marketing Expert. The cost a whopping $6,000.00!    Worldprofit Silver and Platinum Members get Worldprofit’s Bootcamp Training FREE with their membership and on graduation you are a Worldprofit Certified E-Business Consultant (CEC)!  That’s right we are training our members to be online marketing experts!   We don’t charge you one extra dime for this training.  Our training is taught by real people with real hands on working knowledge (15+ years of experience) of what works and what doesn’t work when it comes to marketing and succeeding online.

The Worldprofit Bootcamp Training provides you with:

-LIVE weekly interactive training sessions with George Kosch who is himself an Internet Marketing expert! George tests the strategies, the advertising campaigns, and the tools we share with you. He himself is doing every day what he teaches you to do so YOU can be an Internet Marketing expert. The Internet changes daily and George and the Worldprofit Team are constantly working on your behalf to deliver to you the up-to-date skills, the knowledge, the tools and the training you need to successfully build and market your home based business.

-24 hour access to video training, watch at your own convenience wherever you are in the world  

-A Report Card so you can check your progress and see the areas in which you need to concentrate

-Access to the sites, resources,  safelists, and traffic exchanges we use to generate leads including LIVE stats, landing pages, text ads, banner ads, and more.

-access to weekly Dealer Training meetings with Dr. Lant

-training as a Monitor in the Worldprofit Monitor Network.

-products within the Worldprofit Resellers Club free for you to use to learn about online marketing AND to promote as another stream of income

-integration of other affiliates, products and services into the Worldprofit system so you can use our software, tools and training to promote even more and generate multiple streams of income.

-the ability to EARN while you learn!  Through or training you learn how to sell online, how to make money online, selling Worldprofit products and services OR ANY of the other products we offer you – OR ANYTHING ELSE YOU WISH TO SELL TOO!

-Updates to our materials sometimes even daily but always as needed so you have access to the most current tools, strategies and resources

The skills we teach you in Worldprofit’s Bootcamp Training allow you to build and promote ANY online business, and sell ANY product or service.

Here’s the really sad part. Some of our Silver and Platinum Members never even take advantage of this training.  Why I am not sure. The training  is free and part of every Silver or Platinum Membership and is critical to building a successful online business.  If you have a Silver or Platinum Member membership and are not taking advantage of the free training we offer you PLEASE login now and click on the link on the left menu for the Bootcamp Training.

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